NURBN3018-Teaching, Learning And Leadership

NURBN3018-Teaching, Learning And Leadership.


Learners of a target language often lack complete control of the pragmatic and grammatical aspects of making apologies or closings, and the degree of directness and indirectness needed. This ECA is designed to test your ability to plan a suitable lesson with appropriate theoretical justification for the teaching of pragmatic/communicative competence, specifically for making apologies or closings.

There are three parts to this question.

a) Plan a two-hour lesson to teach a class of your choice on how to perform the speech act of either apologies or closings. State the age of the learners and other contextual background factors which are relevant to your choice of materials, short and long-term goals, time constraints, etc. The lesson should attempt to teach learners how to make apologies or closings appropriately in different situations relevant to them in their everyday life. Use the Lesson Outline Template provided in class to describe and discuss your lesson. This may be a reading, writing, speaking or listening lesson, or you may incorporate a combination of different language skills.

b) Design suitable teaching/learning materials (e.g. handouts, worksheets, etc.) for your lesson, and place them in the Appendices. The lesson must consist of one main activity (or perhaps two) and, optionally, additional pre- and/or post-activities. 

c) Discuss critically and evaluate your lesson materials in terms of their suitability for teaching communicative competence in the performance of the speech act of apologies or closings. Your discussion and evaluation should include references not only to course readings but also to other academic articles. 

NURBN3018-Teaching, Learning And Leadership

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