Occupational Therapist practitioners working with Speech Language Pathologist

Health Care Professional Paper/ Speech Language Pathologist

  1. To develop a understanding of roles of other healthcare professionals
  2. To develop an understanding of how Occupational Therapy practitioners can consult with other healthcare professionals in order to provide optimal patient care.
  3. To identify how each member of the team can contribute to patient’s care. 

As an occupational therapy practitioner we work with numerous other healthcare professionals. It’s important to be familiar with these different professions and what their role is on the healthcare team. After receiving the name of a healthcare professional in class, you are to write a paper that is a minimum of 4 pages on that professional. At a minimum, the following items should be included in your paper: a description of the profession in general, the specific educational requirements and training needed for this profession, a detailed explanation and examples of the professionals typical job duties, how this healthcare professional might interact with the occupational therapy practitioner and how this team member contributes to the patient’s care. Each student will post their paper so that other students can save this a resource. In addition, each student will be required to present in class.

Your paper should be typewritten, double spaced. Your citations and references should be in APA format. In addition to your paper, please complete a one-page (or less) reference sheet on the professional that includes bullet points of the above required areas.