Organization Behaviour and Leadership

1.Describe the three essential management skills that differentiate effective managers from ineffective ones. Provide a workplace example of how these skills could be used when dealing with the challenge of a workplace recession. 2.Describe how globalization affects a manager’s people skills, and what human skills will be called upon to be effective. 3.Why is the relationship between age and job performance likely to be an issue of increasing importance during the next decade? 4.What inferences can be made from the data that workers in the U.S. show the lowest job satisfaction ratings in regard to pay and stress level, and the highest ratings in regard to work environment? What does this mean to an employer? 5.What is emotional intelligence? Briefly explain the arguments for and against emotional intelligence. 6.With which Big Five dimensions would you compare a self-monitoring personality? Describe how they are similar and different. 7.Theorize how personality can affect decision making in regard to escalation commitment. Describe how a conscientious person might react to a situation in which he has a great deal of time, money, and emotional energy invested. 8.What relationship exists between self-determination theory and goal setting theory? 9.Outline the relationship between job enrichment, and the importance of social and physical context of work. What patterns do you discern between the two? 10. A strong social and physical work context means that environment is supportive. Give real examples of how this works.