Photo—photo history analysis paper | Article writing homework help

Photo—photo history analysis paper | Article writing homework help.

      Analysis Paper: Stories and Narratives Photography is more complicated than click and shoot. It is about telling a story. Even simple portraits can tell complex narratives. These photographs convey ideas/concepts/paradigms. Sometimes it is capturing a specific moment while many times, it is staging a set or multiple set, or editing multiple images through darkroom or post-production manipulation. Please browse through these articles and ted talk for a better understanding of visual storytelling.  

       Please write an analysis paper (minimum 1000 words not counting references and images). Choose two artists from any of the photographers you have studied or on these lists, compare them in terms of techniques and aesthetics (styles/looks). Please make sure you include a bit of their individual background, and at least one example of each of their work. Make sure you point out the similarities/differences in the examples you provided. 

       If you remember to include the following, it is very easy to come up with the 1000 words… 

1. The photographer’s training? What movement/artist/event influenced your artist? 

2. The advance or non-existence of technology during her/his time. 

3. Describe the photographs/images in a formal way: A. Looking for visual elements: shape, size, texture, line, value, and space. B. Looking at visual components: focus, light, repetition, vantage point/angle, balance, foreground/midground/background space, contour, contrast, setting, framing/placement. C. Looking at the photographer’s decisions about the composition (the arrangement of the visual elements and components) of the photograph. 

4. Describe the photograph/image within the context of content. A. Look for symbols in shapes, objects, color… B. Look for cultural significance, relationship. C. Look for hidden meanings (if applicable), social or personal commentary/statement. D. The historical/social context of the photograph. E. The content (image and meaning) of the photograph, and the artist’s intention. 

5. Connect your choice of photographers and images to your understanding of photography history, current world events, social context, personal taste, etc. 

      All your Artist Report Exercises and Photograph Analysis Exercises lead up to this paper. Please write in your own words. DO NOT PLAEGERIZE. All your exercises were shaped to prevent plagiarizing. If you are caught, it is an F for the course. No excuses.  

Photo—photo history analysis paper | Article writing homework help

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