Pol sci research paper | Political Science homework help

Pol sci research paper | Political Science homework help.


Letter to Representative   100 points

There are three parts to the Letter to Representative Assignment. In order to receive full credit you need to complete all three parts. Each part needs to be a separate document that clearly identifies which part it is. You need to be as specific as possible.  

  1. Five page research paper. In this part of the assignment you conduct research on the topic that you choose. Your paper should include the following: 
  2. The problem (e.g. homelessness, public health, or climate change)
  3. What policies have been enacted to address this problem by governments (if any)?
  4. How successful/effective have these enacted policies been in addressing this problem?
  5. Based on your research what do you think is the best solution to the problem you have identified?
  6. In-text citations and footnotes at the bottom of each page that include links to sources. There should be multiple (at least 3-5) references in your paper.
  7. One to two page letter to your representative. The purpose of your letter is to ask your representative to do something new or different to address your issue. First you need to figure out which of your representatives to send your letter to. You need to choose between your local (city and/or county), state, or federal representatives. In your letter you need to lay out the problem. Second, you need to ask your representative to do something about the problem (your solution) you have identified (more and/or different than what they have already done) in your research paper. Your letter should be informed by your research paper. You need to submit your letter to your representative via email or their website.  
  8. Two page strategy document. This two page document should lay out your plan for how you would address the problem you have identified if you should decide to continue to pursue this issue beyond this class. This strategy should incorporate the lessons you have learned in this class. This portion of the assignment should address:

    1. What is your specific policy proposal that is intended to solve what specific problem?
    2. How would you utilize the media to achieve your policy objective?
    3. How would you utilize interest groups to achieve your policy objective?
    4. What concrete steps would you take to achieve your policy objective?
    5. Who are your elected representatives and where do they stand on the issue you are writing about?
    6. How would you mobilize others to join your initiative to achieve your policy objective?
    7. If you would need to raise money to achieve your policy objective how would you do this? How much money would you need to raise? 

Formatting: Double space, 12 point font, 1 inch margins.  

Pol sci research paper | Political Science homework help

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