Qualitative data collection | Education homework help

Qualitative data collection | Education homework help.

Qualitative Data Collection

Generally we think of qualitative data sources as observations and interviews.  We tend to believe that we will interview or observe specific individuals.  Less thought is taken regarding documents and other sources.  My topic is School Climate

Consider what additional sources other observations and interviews might be available. 

Directions: Consider the following potential focal points for a qualitative research study to be conducted within a district. On the topic of School Climate: determine what additional sources other than observations and interviews might be available. Cite the textbook and Internet sources.

Use numbers and label each answer for full credit. Below are questions to guide your thinking. 

  1. State the problem 
  2. Create an hypothesis for your study 
  3. List study variables 
  4. Operationalize each variable as used for the study 
  5. List data to be collected 
  6. Who might be your informant(s)?  Consider multiple levels of informants. Describe the data you anticipate from each and how it will contribute to the study? Why might it be important?
  7. How often would you conduct interviews with each informant? What is your rationale for the interview schedule you identified? Be Specific.
  8. What settings might you observe?  How often, how, and why? Be specific
  9. What other sources might be available as data (think deeply)?  Consider documents including correspondence, policies, photos and other materials.
  10. Provide substantive feedback to others in the class.
  11. Make certain to number and label each answer for full credit. Remember, you create the problem you wish to study.  


1.     School Climate


Part II

think through each question and explain your group ideas.

  1. How does doing qualitative research compare to quantitative research?
  2. What are the skill differences between the two types of research? 
  3. Can all problems be explored by both qualitative and quantitative research? Why? Why not? 

Qualitative data collection | Education homework help

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