Quantative Evidence Based Practice Research discussion

Quantitative Research Article
Quantitative research seeks to uncover relationships, cause and effect occurrences,
significant data and cause and effect, much like the data gathering experiences you
may have had in your career. This good, solid, quantifiable data is used in evidence-
based practice to improve the care we provide to our patients.
Review the quantitative article in appendix A of the LoBiondo-Wood & Haber (2018)
textbook, “Nursing case management, peer coaching, and hepatitis A and B vaccine
completion among homeless men recently released on parole”, pp. 435-452. 
In your initial post, discuss three criteria that make this a quanitative article:
 What was expected or unexpected to you about the content or development of this
research article? What experiences have you had gathering data on patients or in other
areas of your life such as quality improvement activities, fall prevention studies, infection
control investigations, patient satisfaction surveys, etc.?
 Have these experiences contributed to or modified the way you practice as a nurse?
Why or why not?
As you post your responses to your fellow students, reflect upon the differences and
similarities in your experiences and ideas. Please provide the APA citation for a
qualitative article that you have chosen for your Quantitative Article Critique.