research critique

Directions for the research critique:

Use the specific critique guidelines presented in Polit and Beck (2016) for quantitative study found on pages 102-105.

Critique base on the research topic

  1. Please provide the headers and the questions identified in Polit and Beck so that it is easy to follow in grading your paper.
  2. Answer each critique question, section by section.
  3. Provide specific information from the article itself as you discuss and critique these studies so that I can understand the details from the study.
  4. Do not just answer “Yes” or “No” to the question but make critical comments about the research components of each study.
  5. In each section of the critique, you are to identify the strengths and weaknesses, presenting your own rationale (positive and negative critique comments) about the value of this research.

Notes to Clarify: I attached 4 images page 102-105 and the article has to be critique.