Risk Analysis and Cyber Security Policy Part 2

Risk Analysis and Cyber Security Policy Part 2.

Submit the Case Analysis and Incident Impacts portion of the final project. In this assignment, you will analyze the ethical issues and determine the legal compliance issues within the organization, as well as the social and cultural impacts of these compliance issues. You will be expected to address the impact the incident may have had on the ethical and legal IT regulations at the time. The connection between the industry standards and the standards for informational technology should be determined, as well as the influence of the cultural impact on IT and cyber-communication or commerce.



In the second portion of this assessment, you create an organizational cyber-security policy using the information that was identified in the risk analysis paper.

Prompt: You will submit your creation of a cyber-security policy. The cyber-security policy will assess how the organization will interpret security issues that

occur in the workplace. The cyber-security policy will also distinguish and examine ethical issues in the workplace that pertain to social media, email, and privacy.

Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:

1. Compose an organizational security policy that protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organization’s data.

2. Evaluate the current U.S. cyberlaws; state statutes; and criminal, civil, private, and public laws and compare them with the organizational security policy to ensure compliance.

3. Assess the network cyber-security policy to determine if the policy is able to minimize risks and vulnerabilities.

4. Develop security policy sections that identify acceptable use for users pertaining to privacy, social media, email usage, and internet usage in the workplace.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as a three- to five-page Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, and at least three sources cited in APA format.

Instructor Feedback: This activity uses an integrated rubric in Blackboard. Students can view instructor feedback in the Grade Center. For more information

Risk Analysis and Cyber Security Policy Part 2

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