Role of Nurses Leader in Crisis Management

One of the key recommendations from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is for DNP graduates to foster key organizational and system leadership knowledge and skills. DNP graduates must be prepared at the organization and systems level to provide leadership, to advance quality nursing initiatives, to advocate for and help maintain healthy work environments, and to transcend policy development and evaluation.

Future natural disasters and mass casualties all are but guaranteed to occur. We must be better prepared for them, and the incredible stress they place on communities, healthcare organizations, and patients. Better systems and operational oversight, including ethical and safe environments for response and recovery, will ensure that healthcare is professionally prepared to respond.

Based upon your experience with disaster or mass casualty planning, how can you apply either a motivational or leadership theory to the process? How would one of these theories strengthen or support the disaster planning process? Provide a short descriptive narrative of the disaster plan, and then apply the theory to the process. You can describe how this was already accomplished in your organization, or you can make recommendations for the use or adaptation of the plan in the future. If you have limited experience with disaster planning, utilize one of the theories to discuss how disaster planning or preparedness could be strengthened on a disaster issue that could potentially affect your community.

AONE – Guiding Principles – Role of the Nurse Leader in Crisis Management

This assignment meets DNP Essentials II, and SLO’s III and IV.

Discussion Requirements

Assignment must be between 500 and 750 words.
You must have at least two (2) references