See below | Human Resource Management homework help

See below | Human Resource Management homework help.

The social constructionist perspective emphasizes a collaborative approach with clients rather than a directive one.  What are some basic differences of this perspective from many of the traditional approaches covered thus far in this text? Solution-focused brief therapists strive to get their clients away from talking about their problems, and instead, talking about solutions.  How does solution-oriented therapy differ from problem-oriented therapy?  If clients are accustomed to talking about problems, what are some ways to get them to begin thinking about solutions?  How might you help a client who is fused to a problem-saturated story begin to co-construct another story?  Narrative therapy stresses externalizing questions by asking “Was there ever a time in your life when you did not have this problem, and, if so, how was that for you?” This approach tries to help clients see that a presenting problem is separate from their identity as persons. What are your thoughts about this process?


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See below | Human Resource Management homework help

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