SOC 120 week 2 Assignment

SOC 120 week 2 Assignment.


Ashford 3: – Week 2 – Assignment


Applying Theory: Environmental Issues

The goal of this assignment is to apply an ethical theory to a real-world situation. You will examine an environmental issue, and apply one of the ethical theories to understand how human interactions with the natural environment raise ethical concerns. You will do this by preparing and posting a PowerPoint slideshow. Choose one of the following topics/issues and      read about it at the indicated place:  Environmental justice/environmental racism (Article: Environmental       Justice for All) Environmental harm/pollution of air and water (Chapter       8 in the textbook) Waste reduction (Chapter 8 in the textbook) Select one philosophical theory (utilitarianism,      deontology, or virtue ethics). Consider the following questions pertaining      to the theory you have selected:  What does the theory tell us about how things operate       in the real world? What is the focus of the theory? That is, what aspects       of everyday life does the theory address? Another way to think about this       is to consider what question(s) the theory is addressing? The focus (or questions) help you think about the       topical boundaries of the theory―this course is about ethics and social       responsibility and you should concentrate on the ethical and moral       aspects of the theory and of the topic you are analyzing. It may help to       think in terms of different realms or institutions―does the theory help       to explain people’s behavior from a political perspective? From an       economic perspective? From a religious perspective? From an ethical       perspective? Try to sort through everything that does not represent an       ethical question, and address only the ethical issues. How does the theory simplify complex issues to make       them more understandable? Another way to think about this is to consider       what the elements―or concepts―that make up the theory are. Identify the       concepts and how they are related to each other. Develop one thesis question that applies your      philosophical theory to your environmental issue. You will address this      question in developing an argument that links the theory to the issue      (through your notes and pictures), so make sure you word your question      carefully to accomplish this task. Develop an argument that addresses your question. Build      your argument by writing nine sentences. Each sentence should make one      important point about the ethical aspects of the environmental issue you      are analyzing and will be placed on one slide each. Make sure your      argument focuses on ethical arguments, and avoids personal opinion, or      arguments based on politics, economics, religion, or topics other than      ethics. Create a PowerPoint slideshow to present your argument.      Begin by inserting your argument into the slideshow using the “Notes”      feature at the bottom of each slide. Click on the box that says “Click to      add notes” and type one sentence at the bottom of each slide. Your      sentences and slides should link together to form your argument. Find photos to illustrate each sentence, and post the      photo on the slide above the note. You can use your own personal photos or      can search the internet for photos that are appropriate. Make sure the      photos are not protected from copying; you should only use photos that are      in the public domain. Cite the sources from which you get your photos      underneath the photo on each slide.

Your slide show should present what you would usually write in a paper. The slideshow should be 11 slides long (1 slide for title page, 9 slides for your arguments, 1 slide for references). All citations and references should be in APA format. If you are unfamiliar with how to use PowerPoint, see:

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Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

SOC 120 week 2 Assignment

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