state Board of Nursing laws and rules.

state Board of Nursing laws and rules..

Objective: Explore and analyze the legislative process and nursing regulation in individual states and compare and contrast states. Students will discover the unique legislative and regulatory components of their state and contrast and compare with fellow students in different states

•Readings: ◦Review home state government webpage and read the legislative and regulatory processes specific to your home state.
◦Review home state Board of Nursing laws and rules.
◦National Council of State Boards of Nursing: NCSBN APRN

•Assignment #5 (10 points): Explore and discuss the following: 1) specifics of your home state legislative process; 2) state Nursing Board regulation; 3) NCSBN APRN Consensus model as described in the above link. Include state legislative link and state nursing Board link in the forum, along with an overview of your state processes, especially in areas which may be unique to your state.

•Forum #5 (Participation 10 points): Post items as outlined in Assignment #5. Compare and contrast legislative/nursing regulation processes with fellow classmates from at least 2 other states. Total of 3 postings minimum this week. Refer to Forum Guidelines and Rubric for all forum discussions.

state Board of Nursing laws and rules.

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