Tapering among endurance athletes

You have been asked by an endurance athlete to consult them on their training preparation leading up to an upcoming marathon. You recommended to this athlete a tapering strategy leading up to the race, but they are not convinced that they should reduce their training leading up to the event. You are to write a 1-page review paper on the body of research examining tapering among endurance athletes. Remember you are writing to an athlete with no scientific background but you must detail and cite the research on the topic. It must be succinct, accurate, and written to an athlete, not a scientist. You will create a paper on tapering written to an athlete…not a scientific tone but research should be cited and discussed. Competencies: 2. Create effective training programs for athletes in sports that have varying metabolic requirements. 3. Describe the various principles of metabolic conditioning and apply these principles in training. 4. Develop effective training programs for specific sports. Learning Objective: 1. Examine the concept of tapering and apply it to the design of training programs for endurance athletes.