The How-To list of steps process analysis essay assignment

The How-To list of steps process analysis essay assignment.

This is a paper that focuses on the How-To list of steps process analysis essay. The paper also provides additional information on how to wrote the essay.

The How-To list of steps process analysis essay

Process Analysis Essay
·         Instructions:  Write a process analysis paper for a reader who will perform the process.  In other words, a How-To Essay.  Prepare a complete list of steps, arrange them in an appropriate order, and follow them as you write the body of your essay.  Remember to select a topic that is familiar to you.
Remember, you are writing for someone who will be attempting to perform the process.  You are essentially teaching the reader how to do something.  So, make the instructions clear.  Use detailed description and strong transition words to set forth the appropriate steps in a clear and logical order.  Make the reader WANT to carry out the process!  Engage and entice the reader with your simplicity in instruction!

Possible Topic Choices:

Firstly, a process of your own choice.  However, it must be a How-To Essay Topic.
Secondly, carrying out a process related to a hobby or an activity of yours.
Thirdly, performing a process required by your job (as if you were training a new employee).
Additional How-To Essay Topics found on page 341 of text.
A change you have made or would like to make in your life that would change some facet of your life (your health, your sense of accomplishment) for the better.  Describe the process that you would have to follow in order to make the change.  (350)

Note:  Avoid recipes.  If you do decide to write an essay on how to prepare a food item, make sure that you do not just copy the recipe from a source.  This is not a proper process analysis paper and significant points will be deducted if you do this.  Also, do not write a paper giving directions on how to get from one location to another location. Again, it is too easy to copy from Google Maps.  A topic such as this one WILL NOT be approved.
·         Specific Instructions:

·         Prepare the process analysis essay in proper MLA style format
Typed (Times New Roman, 12 point font)
Proper headers, margins, placement of title, and spacing

The How-To list of steps process analysis essay assignment

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