The Macrosystem and Development

Conduct research on a policy or piece of legislation that relates to child development


-Write a 2–3-page article for a professional newsletter or publication that details the way a current policy or piece of legislation relates to a child or adolescent development topic of your choosing. Complete the following in the article:

-Identify the professional group you are writing your article for. The professional group may be a real organization, a real or hypothetical business, or a hypothetical organization. Write your article in language appropriate for professional readers who share your interest.

-Describe the policy or piece of legislation that relates to your topic of interest in child or adolescent development. Be sure to address why it was created, when it passed, whom it impacts, and how it is implemented.

-Identify two different domains impacted by the policy or legislation—for example, society, family, school, peer relationships, ethnic groups—and then analyze how the policy or legislation impacts each of the domains you identified.

-Create a list of articles or other sources that would be suitable for further reading on the topic, annotating in 2–3 sentences why each source is valuable. Include at least four sources in list form at the conclusion of your article.