The MGT 2530 Laura Mc Cormick case study analysis

The MGT 2530 Laura Mc Cormick case study analysis.

This is an assignment that focuses on the MGT 2530 Laura Mc Cormick case study analysis. The paper also focuses on the various issues that the Directors requested.

The MGT 2530 Laura Mc Cormick case study analysis

The Board of Directors for two major corporations received approval from shareholders to complete a ‘merger’ during the next 90 days.  The 1st company provides a “TECH” service on the U.S. west coast.  The 2nd company provides a ‘Manufacturing’ product in the U.S. southeast.  The new company after the merger will be located in the U.S. Midwest (Detroit, MI).  (The employment level at the new location will be higher).

The Board of Directors has requested that Wayne State Business Students (Individuals and Teams/Groups research, summarize, present, and debate) the following issues;
1.     Firstly, should current employees at the two existing locations be offered positions at the new location?  If so, what will be the management process for relocation?
2.     Secondly, both existing locations have had complaints and fines regarding health, safety, and environment violations.  How will you demonstrate ‘corporate social responsibility’ to ensure compliance and good community citizenship?
3.     Thirdly, both existing locations have serious sexual harassment and hostile environment open complaints such as:  A) Supervisor making inappropriate advances to an employee.  B) Two employees making ethnic, gender identity, and religious negative comments to a group of employees.  How will you resolve these issues?  What will be your plan to create a positive culture eliminating future incidents?

4.     The new company plans to be a leader in employee motivation thus reducing stress and negative emotions/moods.  What is your implementation plan?
5.     Lastly, the new company must establish a performance management and decision-making process.  What are the performance metrics?

The paper submission should be in APA writing guidelines, formatting, and citation. Include at least three sources in the assignment paper.

The MGT 2530 Laura Mc Cormick case study analysis

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