Unsolicited proposal report | Operations Management homework help

Unsolicited proposal report | Operations Management homework help.

 publish a 3-page unsolicited proposal, following all the instructions for an unsolicited proposal based on the following  scenario:

Your boss, the national sales manager, insists that all company sales  reps continue to carry full-sized laptop computers for making  presentations to clients and to manage files and communication tasks. In  addition to your laptops, you and your colleagues have to carry a bulky  printed catalog and a variety of product samples- up and down stairs,  on and off airplanes, and in and out of your cars. You are desperate to  lighten the load, and you come up with the idea that switching from  laptops to tablets would help the sales team. You jot down these  following thoughts and questions.

1.can sales reps type at an adequate speed on tablets without a conventional keyboard?

2.can sales reps make informal “table-top” presentations on tablets  the way they can on their laptops? (currently, sales reps can sit at a  conference room table and give a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation to two  or three people, without the need for a projector screen.)  

3.Do tablets have a sufficient selection of business software, from wood processing to data base management software?

4.How much will the tablets cost and can we substantiate a return on investment in time and efficiency? 

You task is to research these questions, as well as research the  various technologies, costs, availability, and functionality, etc. of  Laptops vs Tablets. Then generate an unsolicited proposal detailing your  analysis, suggestions, and conclusions, all to convince your boss of  which is the best course of action for the company to take a why? 

Business Writing Document Guidelines:

1.Must be formatted like a Report or a Proposal, not a letter or an  essay, and should include the major sections of a report and use all the  rules of business writing. (single spaces, short paragraphs, etc.)

2.Must be in the indirect format (proposal must us the A.I.D.A persuasive method.

3.Must be a minimum of 3 complete pages long (not including title page or bibliography).

4.Must have a title page with your name and assignment information.

5.Must include a Bibliography of 2 sources or an appendix of primary research findings.

6.Must use headings, some bullet lists, and other design elements (Bold, Italics, underline, white space, etc.)

7.Must have a graphic, chart, table or some other form of visual representation of data.

Unsolicited proposal report | Operations Management homework help

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