Was the incident embarrassing funny or did it simply go over your head?

Was the incident embarrassing funny or did it simply go over your head?.

Section 1: Introduction. Open your essay, as usual, with a good lead-in. If you wish, you might discuss how this sort of book would be challenged or perceived in your own country/culture Follow this intro, in the second paragraph, with a short summary of the entire book.
Section 2: Personal Experience. Relate a memory of your own about a time when you were much younger and were exposed to an “adult” TV show, movie, comedy routine, song, book, joke, or overheard conversation. Describe this “coming-of-age” moment. How old were you at the time? Was the incident embarrassing, funny, or did it simply go over your head? Look back on the incident now, and imagine your son or daughter in your place. How old would you want your child to be before dealing with the adult content? (This does not have to relate to sex. Many “adult” moments relate to other matters like money, family problems, violence, politics, an older sibling’s problems—any subject that adults may hide from children.)
Section 3: Selected offensive passages from book. Examine several passages (or illustrations) in the book that could offend some readers. In each paragraph in this section, focus on one of the controversial passages. First summarize the context of the controversial passage and quote the exact words (or describe the image) that could offend. Explain how and why this may be offensive. Then explain how Sherman Alexie might defend these same excerpts. Be neutral here. Simply present both sides of the controversy. You might also consider passages that might not be offensive in America, but would be seen as offensive in your culture/country.
Section 4: Your Position. In this last section, explain why or why not, in your opinions, this book should be banned for juniors and seniors in high school. Give specific, persuasive reasons, with examples or quotations from the book to support each of your arguments. )

Our teacher asked us to write an essay about the book. I wrote down the page a short paragraph that gives an idea about my writing style and my thoughts.

( As a saudi student, I am against the idea of teaching this book in school, because the idea of this book won’t be accepted in our culture. I came from a traditional sociality, people stick with their thoughts and beliefs. I believe, the book contains a lot of racist, and sexual text and these two subjects cannot be taught to kids in school. Violence took a place in the book, too, I think it is wrong to let kids read a story contains violence such as, the father who asked his son to give up his dog by using a gun. A long time ago, when I was a little kid I used to watch a lot of violent movies, and because of that I hit my friend with a stick, and I learned this move from a movie. I got in so much trouble, and I was grounded for a month. When I see younger generations, I wish them a better life with no violence and with no trouble, and because of that I think it is wrong to let this book available for kids to read.)

These are four points that can help you to support my idea of banding the book back in my home country Saudi Arabia :

1. in page 173 when the writer said "more than anything, i wanted to kill god. (sentences like this is not accepted in my country Saudi arabia)
2. in page 13 when the father of the writer "he gets drunk, he sings old country songs" (alcohol is forbidden in my country saudi Arabia)
3. In page 11 when the writer said " i wanted to punch my dad in the face" (parents are very respected in my religion and culture in saudi arabia)
4.when he smashed Mr.P in the face (it is disrespectful in our culture)

Was the incident embarrassing funny or did it simply go over your head?

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