Week 2 budget sheet | Management homework help

Week 2 budget sheet | Management homework help.

**Project 2 Budget Worksheet information**

This week for Project 2 you will be working on financials for your business concept. It is critical for you to be as detailed as possible. 

For example, if you identify that you need $350,000 for start up, how did you come up with that figure? What does that entail exactly and make sure to explain what every dollar is needed for. Do you need payroll? Will you have to lease building space? Utilities, insurance, equipment, supplies, government permits, etc. 

I am providing an example budget sheet below.

You are not required to use this particular one, it is an example. However, for the budget, a sheet is required to identify and present your data. Excel is good too, and you can create it according to your business’ needs.

If you do not present a worksheet, that will result in point deduction. This is a critical part of the Final Project, so please be diligent with your research.

Contact me with any questions.

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Week 2 budget sheet | Management homework help

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