Week 2 group | Education homework help

Week 2 group | Education homework help.

 I need this assignment done 

Oral Language and Listening Activity Presentation [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Locate a piece of children’s literature that contains one of the following elements:

    • Repetitive phrases
    • Rhymes
    • Cumulative patterns
    • Stories with conversation
    • Discrimination of sounds
    • Other oral language and listening enhancing features
    • Share your piece of children’s literature with the group and identify the oral language or the listening enhancing feature of each selection.
      Select a piece of literature from the group to use for the assignment.
      Create an activity that demonstrates the oral language or listening enhancing feature of the literature selection. Consider diverse learners. You will use this activity with your client during Week 3.
      Prepare a presentation that outlines the listening activity using the Technology Resource Library. 
      Submit your assignment.

Week 2 group | Education homework help

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