WGU Readiness Assessment

Am in the process of registering for school and I have to take the Readiness Assessment Test which is where you come in. It should take about 1hr please follow the instructions on the attached document below.
This email includes important instructions for taking the WGU Readiness Assessment for admission to . Your next step in the enrollment process is to take the WGU Readiness Assessment, an online admissions assessment designed to help both you and the university determine your readiness for college-level study in ‘s online learning environment. Successful completion of this three-part assessment is required for admission into .

I strongly encourage you to read through this entire email before taking the Readiness Assessment. I also invite you to contact me with any questions you might have before taking the test (my contact information is at the bottom of this email).

The WGU Readiness Assessment is made up of four sections:

  • Math Section – This is a multiple-choice test designed to measure your competency in basic academic Mathematics.
  • Language Section – This is a multiple-choice test designed to measure your competency in the basic academic skills of Writing, Critical Reading, and Reading Comprehension.
  • Essay Section – Since writing is critical to success at in every program, you will be asked to write a short essay addressing a specific assignment. I recommend that you write and save your essay in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, and then copy and paste your essay into the exam. The topic does not require advance study or expertise.
  • WGU Readiness Inventory – This section is designed to help you determine if is a good “fit” for you. It’s comprised of questions that address your readiness to handle online study at WGU.

Successfully passing all four parts of the Readiness Assessment is required. If you approach the test seriously and carefully, you should be optimistic you will pass it. Please allow yourself up to two uninterrupted hours to complete each of the four components. Be sure to take the assessment in a quiet, comfortable environment.

To Take the Assessment

  1. Create your Student Account
  2. Access the WGU Readiness Assessment website at www.wgu.edu/ready
  3. Please be sure to read over the instructions on the page very carefully. Once you begin the test, you cannot back out of it at any time; otherwise, it will fail you. You have one opportunity to satisfactorily complete the WGU Readiness Assessment in any 3 day period. (Technical difficulties are an exception).
  4. Select the “Take the Assessment Now” button and log into the Student Portal. You will find additional instructions for the assessment under the “Admissions” tab.

How Uses Assessment Results:

Your WGU Readiness Assessment results are used by to conduct a basic evaluation of your level of readiness for college studies.

Please complete the assessment as soon as you are ready to do so. Contact me immediately if you have questions or concerns.

Passing the Readiness Assessment is required, but you shouldn’t worry. Set aside adequate time. Take it seriously. And have confidence in yourself… you can do it!

We’re looking forward to serving you as a student.Sincerely,