What are the benefits of safeguarding?

What are the benefits of safeguarding?.

National Safety Council (2009). Supervisors’ safety manual (10th ed.). Itasca, IL: National Safety Council Publishers.
Answer each questions with 200 words minimum each question.
Discuss at least five of the barriers and challenges to employee involvement in safety efforts. If applicable, do you note any of these in your place of employment? (chapter 5 employee involvement )
Discuss the guidelines for safe materials handling. (chapter 10 ergonomics)

Discuss the concept of employee involvement in the selection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? Do you believe it is beneficial? (chapter 9 PPE)

Discuss the concept of properly carrying and tracking tools on the job. Could a lost tool present a problem? (chapter 14 hand and portable power tools)

What are the benefits of safeguarding? Discuss a real-life incident, or submit a summation of an incident you read about where a safeguard was instrumental in averting an incident. (chapter 13 machine safeguarding)

What are the benefits of safeguarding?

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