What is leadership

What is leadership.

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All written assignments will be double-spaced using 12 point font and standard 1 inch margins.  Your name, the course number, the assignment, and the date are to be listed on the top of the first page in the upper right corner. Paper must be well written and clearly organized. Papers not meeting this standard are subject to being returned to the student for correction. Proper citation protocols must be used. Papers are due at class time on the date they are assigned. Unless otherwise arranged, late papers that are submitted within two days of the due-date will be reduced in grade by ten percent. Papers delivered beyond 48 hours late will not be accepted and the student will get a zero for the assignment

1-What is leadership (continued)


2-Identify a good example of a leader, either from your personal experience or from secondary sources, and explain

3-the rationale for your choice. (200 word

What is leadership

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