What was significant about Radical Reconstruction politically?

What was significant about Radical Reconstruction politically?.

This is a paper that requires the student to focus on what was significant about Radical Reconstruction politically?. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper well.

What was significant about Radical Reconstruction politically?

Part One: Essay Prompt (75%):

We spent a few weeks at the beginning of the semester examining the various phases of Reconstruction in the South. Radical Reconstruction was one of those phases. What were Radical Reconstruction’s most substantive successes and failures in the 1860s and 1870s? By the 1890s, what had happened to that extraordinary effort to promote both racial justice and equality?

Before Writing:

*Ask yourself what you need to review and reflect upon from class readings, class lecture, and class discussion.

What was happening in the post-Civil War South in 1865 and 1866 before Radical Reconstruction? Secondly, what exactly was Radical Reconstruction? Who were the Radicals? What laws, events, and also developments were associated with it?

What was significant about Radical Reconstruction politically? socially? economically? What were the aims of Radical Reconstruction? Some Americans hoped it would lead to the creation of equal rights for all. Did it in the 1870s? by the 1890s? What happened? For example, what happens with the 14th amendment in the 1890s?

Writing Instructions for Part One:

*Write a 3.5 to 4 page (approximately 1000 word) response (typed and double-spaced).

*Cite any information, paraphrasing, and also direct quotations from the assigned readings by using parenthetical notation. For example: (Foner, p. ) and (Murray, p. ).

*Start each paragraph with a topic sentence—that is, the main point of the paragraph. Then develop that point and support it with specific historical evidence in that paragraph.

*Make sure that the essay is organized logically.

*Proofread and revise so that the writing is clear.

What the essay must include:

a lot of specific evidence, including ample evidence from Pauli Murray’s Proud Shoes, class lecture, the textbook, and David Blight’s article. Ask yourself if there are other sources that we used in our work on Radical Reconstruction that might be relevant. Writing history requires proving the historical claims we make. That means we have to use specific evidence and explain it in a detailed way. Just stating that the 15th amendment, for example, was one of Radical Reconstruction’s successes or failures would not prove a point. We would have to explain it and show how it was a success or failure—again, by using specific evidence.
Some select direct quotation. Do not over-rely on direct quotation, however.

2. Part Two (25%): Write a 250-word diary entry about Gilded-Age society. Choose to write as: Andrew Carnegie, or a woman who is a Populist and a farmer, or a Progressive reformer. Choose just one figure, not all three.

What the diary entry must demonstrate and include: Show that you understand the events and also developments most relevant to that figure’s experience and historical context. Be sure to use assigned class reading material and also class lecture/discussion material.  Cite sources using parenthetical notation.

What was significant about Radical Reconstruction politically?

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