why should capital punishment be abolished

Using at least 4 academic sources, write a 5-paragraph argumentative essay stating your position on a current (social or political) issue/affair/problematic of your choice that is related to our theme. Remember that you have to state whether you are for or against it and why. Also, remember that your argument has to be well-reasoned and credible; make sure you address the opposing argument (in your third body paragraph) as well. Refer to the Powerpoint presentation on Blackboard that shows how this is done. 

Steps in the process:

  1. Choose your topic.
  • Read the prompt and identify your position on the topic. Think about whether you are for or against it and identify the reasons behind your position.
  • Draw a mind map or outline for the whole essay.
  • Research: Find scholarly articles that address the controversy and support your position/reasons. Use keywords to conduct your research using the AUC LibraryOne search and databases and narrow your findings. It is at this point that you need to consider the credibility of your writers or the value of the information that they provide. This will be a crucial component of evaluating your sources.
  • Sort through the articles you find; while you might use more sources in your paper, pick three most helpful sources that give you a fuller and deeper view of the topic. Identify the information you need and decide how you will incorporate it to support your position. 
  • Revisit your mind map or outline if you need to.
  • Draft: Start writing your thesis statement and topic sentences. Then build up on them to write your paragraphs and essay.
  • Feedback and Revision: After receiving feedback (conference, comments, peer review), review your argument for and against the position and research further as necessary. Revise the drafts and outline and submit on due date.