Write a clear thesis statement in your opening paragraph

Write a clear thesis statement in your opening paragraph.

In your essay, you will attempt to show a connection between the two stories Sonnys Blues (can be read here: http://swcta.net/moore/files/2012/02/sonnysblues.pdf) AND The Lost World (can be read on attached file). your challenge in the essay will be to demonstrate the connection you see between the two stories.

Weve read a variety of short fiction that we have connected under the categories of initiation/coming of age and transformation/ change. You may choose to work within one of these frameworks but you dont have to: hopefully you can see other ways that two stories are connected to each other. Making an original connection will be a definite strength.

Once you have established what your thesis will be, that is, what is the link between the two stories that you will demonstrate in your essay, you will need to discuss each story in depth and use textual evidence to support what you say is true about each.

In this essay, you will need to:

–Identify each story by title and author in your opening paragraph

–Write a clear thesis statement in your opening paragraph

–Identify any of the elements of fiction that are relevant to your discussion of each story: what will you need to explain about the plot, character, setting, theme, imagery, or symbolism in order to make your point?

–Include textual evidence from each story: exact words from the story in quotation marks. As long as its clear which story you are quoting from, you do not need to cite your source. Analysis is strong when the points are well-supported.

–Please do not use any outside sources to write this paper. All work you submit for this course must be your own; the penalties for plagiarism are outlined in the Course Information module. I want you to do your own critical analysis, and Im giving you a lot of room to approach it in any way you want. As long as you support your points with evidence, your essay will be successful.

–Your essay must be four full pages minimum (double-spaced, 12 point font, no extra margins or spaces between paragraphs). Your essay will not earn a satisfactory grade (C or higher) if it does not meet the minimum requirements for the assignment.

–Give your essay a title that reflects your thesis.

Write a clear thesis statement in your opening paragraph

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