Write on a historical topic of interest to you about the cold war.

It has to be on a specific historic topic that occurred during the Cold War

28 Nov 2019 02:47These are research papers and must be based on books and other peer reviewed materials (Journal Articles and other similar sources). Examples of unaccepted sources include: Encyclopedia Entries, Wikipedia, the textbook, any databases ending in .com ( Including Facts on File, Google, Yahoo, and material from other similar sites), and Films (Unless pre-approved).

Include a word count and a bibliography. Use Chicago Book of Style for citations and Bibliography.

Use a minimum of 3 sources and a maximum of 5. Try to use Journal articles but books are also acceptable. All sources should be written by historians and come from the Palm Beach State Library or other Databases. ( Journals of History can be found in JSTOR) 

Write on a single topic not all of them.

***What was the Cold War? How did the Cold War begin? Discuss the Cuban Missile Crisis in terms of its cause and American policy during the crisis.****

EXAMPLE. You need to select an event within the Cold War that will allow you to bring in policies like Containment, Nuclear proliferation etc. A single thing could be the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Space Race or something like that.