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Do you find these videos effective?

What do you like or dislike about them?

Write thoughtful answers that address all of the questions above (not just one sentence responses.)

What are the 5 tips you were able to take from these videos?

Be sure to reply to this discussion and reply to two of your classmates


1. The most helpful part of the video is when he explains exactly the steps we have to follow to obtain a raise. The most important be consistent with our points to achieve it, how we can show how good we are at our job and demonstrate in through examples in this way we have a very important base to reach our fighters for our goals in this way we can achieve everything that we propose in our day of our life.

Always have perspectives and aspirations not only in your work but also in your life, always do your best to show everyone that you are a valuable worker and as a human being give your best.


2. I think both videos are effective, but the first one is by far more specific and clear. I liked both videos because they explain the tips to get a raise, which should not be done at that time, for example, give a range of raises and say if they don’t give me the raise I’ll look for another job.  Another tip is to talk about your value as a worker, that is, how long have you been working in the company, all the achievements that the company has obtained since you worked in it, for example, if sales increased or customer service standards improved . .

An important piece of advice would be to look good when asking for the raise, it would be ideal to do it when the company is doing well financially or has finished an important project. A tip that we should always be prepared and with the appropriate response is to consider any objection. In conclusion, both videos are important for when we want to ask for a salary increase, do it the right way, taking into account the tips mentioned above so that it is effective. Get homework writing help at Top Grade Essay Writings.