Enterprise VoIP Technology

Enterprise VoIP Technology.

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Enterprise VoIP Technology

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Qualification Code ICT60215R2 Qualification Name and Release Number Advanced Diploma in IT – Network Security
Unit Codes ICTNWK606 – Implement voice applications over secure wireless networks ICTNWK611 Configure call processing network elements for secure VoIP networks ICTSUS601 Integrate sustainability in ICT planning and design projects

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You are manager at Mars IT Solutions. You have been given the responsibility of supervising the setting up of a branch at Brisbane. You will include your responses and submit this document by the due date.


You will plan the project and prepare a high level network design for submission. The board expects you to submit a report along with the project plan, and a high level network design. As part of your network design and report, the board expects you to include the following key points in the design process and report:

1. Sustainability Implementation:

1. Include within the report a written affirmation of a level of sustainability, assuming that the board had verbally negotiated it with you.

2. Create a checklist of sustainable management principles that you would introduce and implement for reducing environmental impact.

3. Investigate and determine appropriate technology solutions pertinent to the smooth functioning of the new branch.

4. Comprehending that the new branch would need energy audits, incorporate approaches for gathering power consumption data on ICT equipment at the new branch.

5. In an effort to cut down on energy consumption, discuss the implementation of short term technology solutions.

6. Considering that you would be overseeing the branch for a period of 1 year, create a system for regular review and improvement of KPI on sustainability performance.

7. Integrate innovation into the planning of ICT project to incorporate sustainability and environmental best practices.

8. Include within the report detailed analysis of energy consumption within the capacity of the ICT project.

9. Evaluate payback period and potential energy savings that the steps mentioned above might deliver.

10. Determine CO2 emissions with comparable benchmarks for the proposed project

11. The Report should comprise of a recommendation section to further incorporate sustainability in the long run.

12. A cost valuation of integration and implementation of sustainability for the ICT project should be incorporated within the report.

2. Voice and secure wireless implementation:

1. Investigate and list the requirements for voice applications for operation over a wireless network.

2. Assess and investigate the significance of multicast in 802.11 and construct a systematic troubleshooting approach for multicast in WLAN environments.

3. Plan and design wired and wireless QoS deployment for latency-sensitive applications, analysing the impact of WLAN interconnectivity for devices on QoS for devices on wired side.

4. Evaluate the requirement for video applications over 802.11n WLAN, and formulate a systematic troubleshooting approach for VoWLAN implementation.

5. Estimate the bandwidth requisite for video applications over the wireless network.

6. Present a design proposal for planning and executing an IP-based voice communications networks to meet business requirements.

7. Analyse the use of a network support model to manage the performance and security of the voice network, conducting security deployment scenario testing the integrity and security of the voice network

8. Develop a topology of the voice network and plan the placement of the call processing agent to best support the business needs.

Company details are found in Appendix-A:

On average, one ten-line paragraph will be sufficient to address each key point above.

Tools you can use are MS-Visio, Cisco Packet Tracer, GNS, others as you choose.

Some sample network designs are shown in Appendix-B.


Mars IT Solutions is an IT Company that has been operating in Sydney for the last 12 years. Mars has a 37 member team in Sydney. Mars expanded their operations to Melbourne, and has been functioning profitably for the last 8 years.

Mars has noticed scope for business in Brisbane and plans on opening up a branch in Brisbane. You are a manager working in Mars and you have been given the task of setting up and overseeing functioning of the branch at Brisbane for a period of 1 year.


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Campus Meadowbank Section Information and Communication Technology
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Enterprise VoIP Technology

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