Is “Holiday Skate &amp Cycle” a preferred vendor?

Is “Holiday Skate &amp Cycle” a preferred vendor?.

The purpose of this assignment is to practice navigating and identifying database tables and related fields.

For this assignment, assume you have just been hired by Adventure Works Cycles Company. As part of the orientation process, you have been asked to learn a little about the company by reading the “Adventure Works Cycles Company Story.”

Your supervisor also wants you to gain an understanding of the content included in the company database. To do this, you must utilize SELECT and FROM statements like the example provided below.

EXAMPLE: SELECT * FROM [Database].[Schema_Name].[Table_Name]

Access the AdventureWorks database and use SELECT and FROM statements to find the answer to each of the questions below in a Word document. Where applicable, include the query used to locate the information. Copy and paste the database content it into an Excel document and submit the file to the instructor.

Locate the “Person” table and run a basic SELECT query as listed in the example. List all the available fields and how many records exist in that table.
On what table and schema would you locate an applicant’s resume data?
When is the CEO’s Birthday?
What is the list “ListPrice” of the product “HL Touring Seat Assembly?”
Is “Holiday Skate & Cycle” a preferred vendor?
Submit the Word and Excel documents to your instructor.

Is “Holiday Skate &amp Cycle” a preferred vendor?

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