Teaching Plan in pharmacology

Teaching Plan in pharmacology.

Plan to Choose a medication from among the ones you have reviewed in this Module’s assignment. Thoroughly research the drug that you have chosen. In that research you
should investigate the classification, the uses, the off uses, the action of the drug, the length of time it takes the drug to begin to work, and how long the drug
works or stays in the system. Now develop a teaching plan for a person who would be prescribed this medication. Included in your teaching plan should be:

1. The name of your drug both generic and trade names.

2. A thorough description of the drug which includes

a. what is the drug used for

b. the classification of the drug

c. the action of the drug

d. the side effects of the drug

e. the interactions of the drug

f. the precautions while taking the drug

g. when to contact the health care provider


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Teaching Plan in pharmacology

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