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University of Phoenix Material.


Continuum of Care Options Matrix

Use the matrix below to identify and describe 5 options available for long-term care populations across the continuum of care. Each description must be at least 50 words. Also indicate the level of care for this option along with a brief explanation of how this level is different from the others.
Continuum of Care Options
Long-Term Care Option Example: Assisted living facility
Description Example: This is a facility that allows clients to live in a residential setting while having personal care services and assistance, usually at all hours. Clients will generally need assistance with functions like eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, ambulation, or help with medications. Clients living here are unable to function without this assistance.
Level of Long-Term Care Service (include differences) Example: Assisted living facilities are in the housing level of service. This level of service is more independent than many others, though clients need some type of assist

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University of Phoenix Material

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