What are reading?

What are reading?.

The Nature of Decision-Making Discussions

What are reading?
There is no specific reading for this week’s lesson, but there are several sections of the textbook and an external website that I feel will be helpful for you as you

consider the idea of agenda-development.

Agenda writing: pp. 217-219

Four question types: pp. 249-250

External website:


Written Assignment

To develop your skill in agenda formation and to show your understanding of the four types of questions that decision-making groups address, for the written portion of

this assignment you are to do the following:

(1) Identify an example of a question of fact, a question of conjecture, a question of value, and a question of policy;

(2) For each, prepare a sample agenda that you think would be suitable for use in a decision-making discussion involving the question.

Be as careful as possible in phrasing the questions, so as to be clear about their classifications, and as economical as possible in preparing the related agendas, so

as to show that they have utility primarily for guiding discussion, not dictating it.

Expected Outcome

In re-reading Chapter 9 of Effective Group Discussion: Theory and Practice and completing the written portion of the lesson assignment, you will be better prepared for

your final discussion. You will also have broadened your understanding of the types of issues to which decision-making discussions apply. In addition, you will have

learned how to prepare agendas for different types of decision-making discussions. You will also have furthered your experience in working with other group members on

matters requiring decisions prior to participating in the last assigned discussion for the course. Finally, you will know more about what to expect in other decision-

making discussions in which you may be participating after completing the course.
(You don’t need any references for this paper)

What are reading?

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