Wk 5 – legal and ethical issues

Wk 5 – legal and ethical issues.

Create a new tab or section in your digital portfolio titled “Legal and Ethical Issues.” Include each element of this assignment in this tab.

Part 1: Resources

Locate resources that can help you address each of the issues listed below. A minimum of five resources must be included for each of the following:

  • Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons
  • FERPA and other technology privacy concerns
  • Plagiarism and academic dishonesty

Part 2: Editorial

Create an editorial that recommends solutions to bridge the digital divide in your educational setting. Your editorial may be text, audio, and/or video. If editorial is text, it must between 350 and 525 words; if editorial is audio/video it must be between 3 to 5 minutes. Provide specific support from professional resources for your recommendations.

Wk 5 – legal and ethical issues

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